World’s Best 50 Electronics Magazine List

world's top 50 electronics magazines

World’s Best 50 Electronics Magazine List

1. IEEE Spectrum

IEEE Spectrum is the flagship magazine and website of the IEEE, the world’s largest professional organization devoted to engineering and the applied sciences. Their charter is to keep over 400,000 members informed about major trends and developments in technology, engineering, and science. Their blogs, podcasts, news and features stories, videos and interactive info-graphics engage visitors with clear explanations about emerging concepts and developments with details they can’t get elsewhere. They Publish Printable Magazine monthly named IEEE Spectrum.

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2. Electronics For You

EFY Group is a privately held Indian technology-oriented publishing organisation based in New Delhi. The initial publication of the EFY Group was Electronics For You, a monthly electronics magazine that was first published in 1969.Electronics For You, launched almost 50 years ago in January 1969. It has today grown into South Asia’s most popular electronics magazine with a reach of 500,000 technologists. The magazine keeps the electronics fraternity updated with the latest technical knowledge about new technologies, semiconductors, components, systems, tools and techniques! It regularly features industry experts and top-shots within its pages. It also keeps hobbyists busy with circuit designs and tested construction projects every month. Subscribe, and become a part of this half-a-century old community. It is a leading resource magazine for all the latest electronics technology news, project designs, R&D, Manufacturing,  Implementation etc all over the world. Over One Million User including Researcher, Journalist, Students, IEEE Members used it. It is The Best Electronics magazine all over the world not only in India.



3. Electronic Design

Electronic Design is the premier independent information source for electronics engineers that provide must-have, fully comprehensive coverage of the electronics industry through its vast network of experts. Electronic Design covers the technologies required for engineers to make the right design decisions at the right time – quickly & efficiently.

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4. EE Times

EE Times offers design engineers and management executives news and analysis of the latest technologies and business developments in the global electronics industry. Award-winning journalists and subject matter experts strive to cover not just what happened today, but why it happened and how it transpired.EE Times’ focus is always on breaking down new developments and putting them into perspective.EE Times’ view of the electronics industry is global, with a network of correspondents, editors and websites that work around the clock in China, Europe, India and the rest of Asia.

5. EDN

The EDN Network is an electronics community for engineers, by engineers, with the information, tools, courses, and professional connections you need to get your job done and get your ideas from concept to reality as quickly as possible. We also like to have ‘serious fun’ in the process, so let your guard down a little and keep up with us by tracking our RSS feeds or getting our topical newsletters. Join the EDN Community for more.

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6. Electronic Products

Electronic Products is an electronic component and technology trade magazine serving the electronic design community.Electronic Products’s editorial sections provide information on new products from the smallest capacitor to the brightest light-emitting diode (LED). In addition, featured articles range from selecting the best components to fill an application need to the latest in developing electronics technology. The editorial content is rounded out with application-specific product sections and transcripts of discussion round tables on subjects from military to medical electronics.

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7. Nuts and Volts

Nuts and Volts is a bimonthly American magazine for the hands-on hobbyist, design engineer, technician, and experimenter. It has been published by T&L Publications since 1980 and leans heavily toward microcontroller and digital electronics projects. The magazine is based in Corona, California.

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8. Popular Electronics

Popular Electronics is an American magazine published by John August Media, LLC, and hosted at The magazine was started by Ziff-Davis Publishing Company in October 1954 for electronics hobbyists and experimenters. It soon became the “World’s Largest-Selling Electronics Magazine”. Hands-On Electronics magazine was renamed to Popular Electronics in February 1989, and published until December 1999.

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9. New Electronics

New Electronics is a British bi-weekly magazine dedicated to UK electronic engineering design. It was established in 1968 and is published by Findlay Media.The magazine is available both in print and electronic format and is free for electronic design engineers. New Electronics reaches a circulation 16,387, which is audited annually by the ABC (Auditing Bureau of Circulations).The magazine covers a range of topics including news, technology features, product information and interviews with industry experts.

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10. Make

Make: (or MAKE:) is an American bimonthly magazine published by Maker Media which focuses on do it yourself (DIY) and/or DIWO (Do It With Others) projects involving computers, electronics, robotics, metalworking, woodworking and other disciplines. The magazine is marketed to people who enjoy making things and features complex projects which can often be completed with cheap materials, including household items. Make magazine is considered “a central organ of the maker movement.

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11. Elektor

Elektor is a monthly magazine about all aspects of electronics, first published as Elektuur in the Netherlands in 1960, and now published worldwide in many languages including English, German, Dutch, French, Greek, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese (European and Brazilian) and Italian with distribution in over 50 countries. The English language edition of Elektor was launched in 1975 and is read worldwide.

Elektor publishes a vast range of electronic projects, background articles and designs aimed at engineers, enthusiasts, students and professionals. To help readers build featured projects, Elektor also offer PCBs (printed circuit boards) of many of their designs, as well as kits and modules. If the project employs a microcontroller and/or PC software, as is now often the case, Elektor normally supply the source code and files free of charge via their website. Most PCB artwork is also available from their website.

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12. Design World

Design World is a U.S. trade magazine headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio with print and online issues covering topics in the field of OEM design engineering. Design World also publishes special issues and handbooks on related topics such as motion control, bearings, sensors, packaging, semiconductors, machine tools, energy, fluid power and robotics. Design World publishes twelve print editions annually that are sent to a BPA-audited circulation of 40,000 OEM design engineers. The digital version of the magazine is sent monthly to 100,000 subscribers.

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13. Electronics Today International

Electronics Today International or ETI was a magazine for electronics hobbyists and professionals. Originally started in Australia in April 1971, ETI was published in the UK in 1972. From there, it expanded to various European countries, including France and over to Canada. It was one of the first magazines to publish circuit diagrams for building homebrew computer systems. They also published a monthly series of articles for their “system 68” microcomputer based on the Motorola 6800 Microprocessor, most of them written by John Miller-Kirkpatrick, the dozen or so articles described in detail how to build a M6800 based microcomputer, including a VDU. In that sense it was one of the first computer magazines.


14. Everyday Practical Electronics

Everyday Practical Electronics is a UK published magazine that is available in print or downloadable format.Practical Electronics was a UK published magazine, founded in 1964, as a constructors’ magazine for the electronics enthusiast. In 1971 a novice-level magazine, Everyday Electronics, was begun by the same publisher. Until 1977, both titles had the same production and editorial team.In 1986, both titles were sold by their owner, IPC Magazines, to independent publishers and the editorial teams remained separate.

15. Silicon Chip

Silicon Chip is an Australian electronics magazine. It was started in November, 1987 by Leo Simpson. Following the demise of Electronics Australia, for many years it was the only hobbyist-related electronics magazine remaining in Australia.

16. Popular Science

Popular Science (also known as PopSci) is an American quarterly magazine carrying popular science content, which refers to articles for the general reader on science and technology subjects. Popular Science has won over 58 awards, including the American Society of Magazine Editors awards for its journalistic excellence in both 2003 and 2004 . With roots beginning in 1872 Popular Science has been translated into over 30 languages and is distributed to at least 45 countries

17. Electronics Australia

Electronics Australia or EA was Australia’s longest-running general electronics magazine. It was based in Chippendale, New South Wales. It can claim to trace its history to 1922 when the Wireless Weekly magazine was formed. Its content was a mix of general and technical articles on the new topic of radio.

18. What HI-FI ? Sound and Vision

What Hi-Fi? is a magazine published 13 times a year by Haymarket Consumer Media. It is a buying guide to consumer electronics, featuring reviews and articles on hi-fi, home cinema, television and home entertainment. What Hi-Fi?


19. Design News

Design News  owns the largest trusted community of design engineers in the horizontal engineering space. Coverage at Design News is based on four key pillars, which are the backbone of just about every design project: Electronics & Test, Automation & Control, Materials & Assembly, and Design Hardware & Software. A few of the application areas popular with Design News readers include consumer electronics, automotive, medical, industrial controls, and military/aerospace/defense. Design News provides a channel for two-way communications amongst the engineering community. The content can take the form of design application articles, blogs, product teardowns, webinars, and so forth.  Design News  is also the leader in online education.



20. Radio Electronics

Radio-Electronics was an American electronics magazine that was published under various titles from 1929 to 2003. Hugo Gernsback, sometimes called by Americans as The Father of Science Fiction, started it as Radio-Craft in July 1929. Radio-Electronics.Com is aimed at providing useful information and overviews for the radio and electronics engineering industries. The site provides a variety of information for the electronics industry including tutorials covering the basic aspects of technology with a number of deeper studies on various topics. They also provide new magazine section giving insight into various industry sectors with case studies, articles about industry trends and topics, as well as exhibition reports and also provide up to the minute electronics industry news, pages for job information, and pages covering the forthcoming exhibitions. In addition to this they have a bookshop providing many of the more popular electronics and radio books.


21. Electronic Musician

Electronic Musician is a monthly magazine published by NewBay Media featuring articles on synthesizers, music production and electronic musicians. Electronic Musician covers all aspects of music production—performance, recording, and technology, from studio to stage. Every issue offers product news and reviews on the latest equipment and services. Plus, get the latest tips & techniques, gear reviews, and insights from today’s top artists!


22. Twice

Twice is a trade publication and web site owned by NewBay Media serving the information needs of retailers, distributors and manufacturing representatives in the consumer electronics and major appliance industries. TWICE is the leading brand serving the B2B needs of those in the technology and consumer electronics industries. Anchored to a 20+ times a year publication, the brand covers consumer technology through a suite of digital offerings-, eNewsletters, events and custom content including native advertising, white papers, video and webinars. Leading companies and its leaders turn to TWICE for perspective and analysis in the ever changing and fast paced environment of consumer technology. With its partner at CTA (the Consumer Technology Association), TWICE produces the Official CES Daily.


23. Electronics World

Electronics World is a technical magazine in electronics and RF engineering aimed at professional design engineers. It is produced monthly in print and digital formats. EW is a technical journal and the content and style require readers to have formal training in electronics. The editorial of Electronics World covers the full range of electronic industry activities including technology, systems, components, development tools, test, software and instrumentation. Electronics World aims to inform, educate and advise by supplying readers with sufficient engineering detail to enable them to understand developments in the electronics industry as a route to their design problem solutions. Most of the features are contributed by leading engineers and academics in the field, who draw on the engineering resources and knowledge base of leading-edge companies and organisations, as well as their own projects. Electronics World provides a monthly magazine in print and digital formats, along with a weekly email newsletter and occasional topical supplements.

24. QST

QST is a magazine for amateur radio enthusiasts, published by the American Radio Relay League. It is a membership journal that is included with membership in the ARRL.

The magazine name is derived from the radio Q signal meaning “calling all stations”, and its first issue was dated December 1915. QST suspended publication after September 1917 due to World War One, but has been continuously published since its resumption in May 1919. Supplemental content to the magazine is available on the ARRL web site, including a complete archive in PDF format, available to ARRL members starting in 2008.


25. Electronics maker

Electronics Maker (EM) is a monthly magazine in the field of electronics published by EM Media LLP (previously it was EM Media Pvt. Ltd.) since 1996 under the license of RNI, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. It is one of the most dynamic and vibrant monthly electronics magazine of post liberalization era. At present it has readership in the range of over half million per month, which is growing at a very rapid rate of 10%- 20% per annum. Nearly 50% of the readers are at decision-making levels more than 80% of the readers are qualified Electronics professionals. EM features articles/reviews by the eminent experts/professionals on the modern and core issues related to electronics circuits/design engineering, innovation-centric novel electronics projects for youths and R&D professionals, information systems development and management issues, policy issues of government pertaining to electronics industry, environmentally appropriate technologies in the frontier areas of electronics & IT.


26. Electronics illustrated

Electronics Illustrated was an American magazine started in May 1958 by Fawcett Publications, the publishers of Mechanix Illustrated. The magazine was published monthly from 1959 to 1961 then bi-monthly until November 1972.


27. All about Circuits

Since its founding in 2003, AAC has grown into one of the largest online electrical engineering communities. We are a positive, open community of engineers that enjoy sharing knowledge and ideas. Our community takes pride in educating electrical engineers as they grow their experience and knowledge.


28. Talking Electronics

Talking Electronics or TE was an Australian electronics magazine from the 1980s aimed at beginners and hobbyists, founded and produced by Colin Mitchell in Cheltenham, Australia.



29. Modern Electronics

Modern Electronics was a hobbyist magazine published from October 1984 to March 1991. It became Computer Craft in April 1991 and the name changed again to MicroComputer Journal in January 1994.


30. Hands on Electronics

Hands-On Electronics was an electronics hobbyist magazine published by Gernsback Publications in the United States from 1984 to 1989. After Ziff-Davis changed Popular Electronics to Computers & Electronics, Hands-On Electronics attracted those hobbyist readers.


31. The institute

The Probation Institute gathers together the latest insights from practitioners and researchers in putting together its magazine, Probation Quarterly. You can download pdf versions of the magazine below – or access links to the full list of articles published in each edition.

THE INSTITUTE is the member newspaper of the IEEE. Available monthly as a Web publication, it is mailed quarterly to all members of IEEE.


32. Electronics Weekly is the UK’s leading website for electronics professionals. It is the online arm of Electronics Weekly, the leading source of information in the UK electronics industry for more than 55 years. As the printed version was born in September 1960 and our website first saw the light of HTTP in March 1996, we have a lot of heritage.Electronics Weekly is a weekly trade journal for electronics professionals which was first published by Reed Business Information on 7 September 1960.


33. Consumer Electronics

The scope of the consumer electronics magazine covers the following areas that are related to “consumer electronics” and other topics considered of interest to consumer electronics: Video technology, Audio technology, White goods, Home care products, Mobile communications, Gaming, Air care products, Home medical and other topics considered of interest to consumer electronics: video technology, audio technology, white goods, home care products, mobile communications, gaming, air care products, home medical devices, fitness devices, home automation and networking devices, consumer solar technology, home theater, digital imaging, in-vehicle technology, wireless technology, cable and satellite technology, home security, domestic lighting, human interface, artificial intelligence, home computing, video technology, and consumer storage technology.



New Electronics is a British bi-weekly magazine dedicated to UK electronic engineering design. It was established in 1968 and is published by Findlay Media The magazine is available both in print and Read.

New Electronics Magazine. New Electronics is a fortnightly magazine focusing on technological innovation, news and the latest developments in the electronics sector. Downloadable as a digital page turner or PDF file, or offered as a hard copy, the New Electronics magazine is available in a format to suit you.



Electronic Specifier is Europe’s premier publisher of information resources to the Global Electronics Industry. The Electronic Specifier websites, blogs, e-newsletters and digital magazines deliver the information that engineers require to quickly move from concept development to production line; including new products, case studies, video tutorials, whitepapers, technical datasheets and webinars. Electronic Specifier’s portfolio includes 6 magazines in 3 languages as well as 15 websites and vertically targeted microsites across 6 languages.


36. Drone Magazine

Inside Unmanned Systems is an amazing free magazine providing news and information to the global UAS/UAV drone community. Their readership mostly includes unmanned system engineers, system integrators, product designers and unmanned program and policy leaders.


37. Digital Engineering

The pace of innovation is set by design engineers using revolutionary technologies to improve how they design, simulate, prototype and test. Digital Engineering (formerly Desktop Engineering) is on the front lines of the revolution. Via a monthly print magazine, daily e-newsletters, social media and this website, we deliver need-to-know information on the combination of high-performance computing and simulation-based modeling that is driving up-front design, new rapid prototyping and testing technologies that are improving the bottom line, and the engineering services our audience needs to thrive. With any fundamental technological shift comes confusion and steep learning curves. Engineers need an independent voice they can rely on to cut through the noise and focus on the most productive solutions. DE provides that perspective from the latest breakthroughs in cloud computing to PLM and data management, to cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things and advanced materials.Their mission is to guide our audience through the myriad of new engineering tools by showcasing not only why they should be implemented, but how to take advantage of the amazing opportunities they provide by integrating them into an optimized engineering workflow.


38. Practical Wireless

Practical Wireless is a British amateur radio magazine, now published monthly by PW Publishing of Broadstone, Dorset. The current editor is Don Field, G3XTT. Practical Wireless is a unique magazine that has been in continuous publication since 1932. Originally, PW – as it’s known to its friends and readers worldwide – started off as a magazine that dealt with the more practical side of wireless construction for general enthusiasts. However, since 1980, the magazine has aimed itself specifically at the Radio Amateur.


39. Security Electronics & Networks

Security Electronics & Networks is a monthly magazine comprising product reviews and case studies of video surveillance systems and cameras, intrusion systems and sensors, access controllers and readers, monitoring solutions, electronic locking systems, and identification technologies, with an accent on networked and cloud solutions.

SEN’s print readership is primarily in Australia and includes integrators, installers, security managers, IT managers, building and facilities managers and consultants. Our online readership is around 60 per cent ANZ, with most OS readers located in the U.S., UK, Canada, India, China, Japan, Brazil, Italy and Germany.

Security Electronics & Networks magazine was founded in August 1998. The first issue went to print that October. Security Australia magazine, Australia’s oldest security magazine (founded in 1982), was  incorporated into Security Electronics & Networks magazine.


41. Electronics Bazaar

Launched in February 2007, Electronics Bazaar is India’s first sourcing magazine in the electronics space. The magazine aims to provide a B2B platform for the buying and selling of electronic products in India. It is a must read for those who want to keep themselves updated on all that is happening in the Indian electronics industry. Electronics Bazaar covers current and future market trends, buying and selling opportunities, product launches, and innovations driving the Indian electronics industry. It is a very important and authentic source of information for all those seeking to enter or expand their business in the Indian electronics industry.


42. Circuit Celler

Circuit Cellar is the premier media resource for professional engineers, academic technologists and other electronics technology decision makers worldwide involved in the design and development of embedded processor- and microcontroller-based systems across a broad range of applications. Produced monthly (print and digital), Circuit Cellar provides critical information on embedded, electronics technology and does so at level of depth and detail tailored specifically for our readers. Our mission is tackle the key what, why and how issues of technology to help readers make smart choices with their engineering projects—all the way from prototype to production. View a sample issue here.


43. CQ Amateur Radio

CQ is the magazine for active hams, with a focus on the practical. Every article is clearly written and aimed at involving you, the reader whether it’s a story of operating from some exotic location, an article to deepen your understanding of ham radio science and technology, or a fun-to-build project that will have practical use in your ham shack.CQ is available in both print and digital editions! CQ Amateur Radio (also known simply as CQ or CQ magazine, and formerly as CQ: The Radio Amateur’s Journal) is a magazine for amateur radio enthusiasts first published in 1945. The English language edition is read worldwide; Spanish language edition is published in Spain with some translations of articles from the English language edition and some original European content. The magazine was also published in France with partial translation of the original edition between 1995 and 2000.

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